Historacle.org is a non-profit, web-based organization that promotes significant, but grievously underrepresented information.  Each of our microsites is devoted to a particular topic that has had little or no online presence.  One such topic is The Well-Documented Friendship of Carl Jung & Sigmund FreudAlthough much was written about these monuments of psychoanalytical thought, there were very few visual records of their relationship available to online research.  Now, thanks to historacle.org, a Google image search for the terms “Freud Jung” retrieves a slew of previously-unavailable images of the two men!

Another site, entitled Hitler’s Supermen, outlines the former Nazi leader’s obsession with eugenics and the creation of Aryan Hünemenschen to populate his so-called “Thousand Year Reich”.  Incredibly, no other online resource offers such a comprehensive account of this information.  Without historacle.org, the invaluable lessons from this history may very-well be lost to future generations.

At historacle.org, we believe that intellectual inquiry should be at the center of our daily lives.   By freeing such rare, but significant information from the confines of libraries and academic institutions, we aim to lighten the labor of research, and turn casual inquirers into experts.  After all, “school” comes from the Greek word for leisure, not work!


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